This project started when I got annoyed by the large number of applications that decided to define their own formats for storing user information. And by the hassle involved in writing themes for things like PHPNuke, SQL-ledger and Squirrelmail.

Why not have a standard format for storing user information and plug it into all this great open source software so it can have a centralised logon. And lets use xslt to format it? And why not use vCard for that format. It was developed by <genuflect>the W3C</genuflect>.They're smarter than me, so it should be good, right?

So simple - you'd wonder why nobody thought of it before.

Yeah - right.

Anyway - along with people, the other thing I thought would be cool is events. So why not use iCal?

Then it began to get complicated...

The project has sort of evolved ito writing a membership database for the New Zealand Green Party.

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